The Days Are Getting Shorter And You NEED This $9 LED Armband For Running/Cycling In The Dark

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to stop working out simply because there’s less daylight to work with. All you need is this $9 LED armband (it’s actually a 2-pack) that’s designed for keeping you illuminated while jogging at night. It comes in five colors (red, blue, green, orange, pink) and will light up the night to ensure any passersby know that you’re there and running or cycling on the road. Right now it’s selling for just $9.32 on Amazon (BUY IT NOW!!):

— TWO bands in one pack.Pay 1 for get 2 armbands.Resonable price for DOUBLE safety.
— Adjustable for ANY SIZE: The elastic bands make easy to adjust for a loose or snug fit.
— EXTRA BATTERIES INCLUD: Take the CR2032 or CR2016 battery. Long battery life,50-70 hours.
— SUPER bright, Comfortable,Soft,Easy to use, User friendly, real well thought out design and Multi-function.Apply to Children,Adult and Pet.

BUY IT NOW: $9.32

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