Stop Pissing All Over The Floor In The Middle Of The Night With This Toilet Bowl Night Light…Because Why Not?

You know what’s lame? Thugging out ye olde porcelain throne. You know what’s not lame? Dropping bombs into a toilet that’s been outfitted with the IllumiBowl, a nightlight for the toilet.

Seriously, why aren’t you pooping into a toilet with an LED light affixed to it yet? It’s the future of the toilet game…I guess the practical function of it is to no longer fumble around in the bathroom at night like a blind man, instead you’ll have this nice LED light to guide you to the bowl, and that way you won’t piss all over the floor. But in my mind this was built for people to feel like they’re pooping in the middle of a club. Here’s everything you need to know…

IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light…You’ve Got to Pee to Believe: A Motion-Activated Toilet Night Light

Let there be light in the bathroom. Now you can add any color of LED light to your toilet bowl and see it glow. That means no more stumbling around when you have to go at night. Simply snap it onto the rim and let it shine: it will automatically turn on when someone walks into the bathroom. There are eight color possibilities and patterned illuminations, making quite the show.

— Turns on & off automatically via motion sensors
— Sets to the color of your choice or a color-rotate light mode
— Easy to clean by wiping with a cloth
— Snaps on in the perfect, splash-proof location
— Fits any toilet
— Battery powered
— Perfect for potty training children


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