Drinking Beer At Work Just Got Way Easier With This Brilliant Fake Coffee Cup

Everyone is chugging Starbucks to get through the 9am meeting but you need something a little bit stronger. Stronger in alcohol, not caffeine.

Check out these amazing beer holders from Lolo Lid.

Like cold beer? Want to hide what you’re drinking? Hate drinking from a can? You need a Lolo Lid! A Lolo lid looks like any other coffee cup lid with the difference being you can snap a can into the bottom of it. Pop it on any large coffee cup and you’ve got an instant stealth cozy.

The ergonomically designed spout and secondary airflow aperture provide an experience similar to drinking from a glass rather than a can. Specially designed snaps and a gasket provide a water tight seal that holds your drink firmly in place while suspending it inside the cup. This forms an air barrier keeping your drink of choice cold longer than a foam koozie and hands warm in the winter.

Lolo Lids will work with both regular and tall boy cans. The lids are the same dimensions as a Solo lid so they will fit almost any cup provided it is large enough to house a beer. Best of all, when your done simply recycle your cup and can and a Lolo Lid easily fits in your pocket or purse for future use.

Never leave the house unprepared again!

The company is sure to state that they “do not condone any illegal activity” and “always use responsibly” but forget the fact they make a product that has only one purpose — to hide beer. LOL indeed.

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