Mamitas Tequila And Soda – Sparkling Tequila In A Can For The Calorie Conscious

Hard seltzer is everywhere and not going away any time soon. So what’s the next evolution of fizzy booze in a can?

Why not tequila and other sparkling canned cocktails?

For decades, tequila and soda has been a go-to drink order for the calorie conscious at the bar. Now it’s starting to explode as a ready-to-drink canned beverage, offering a similar low-cal boozy experience as hard seltzer with the taste profile of a delicious tequila.

One of the first sparkling tequila brands to capture the market’s attention last year was California’s Azulana, launched during summer 2019’s seltzer marketing mania.

Now the category is starting to take hold nationally: Chicago-based Phusion brands, the makers of Basic Hard Seltzer, recently rolled out Mamitas Tequila and Soda – a tequila and soda-in-a-can made with 100% real tequila.

It comes in vibrant colors and classic tequila and soda flavors – Lime, Paloma, Pineapple, and Mango.

Mamitas Tequila and Soda is a light and refreshing spin on an iconic tequila cocktail without all the sugar in certain hard seltzers, in a crushable, easy-to-reach can.

“With tequila now trending as a better for you spirit, we carefully crafted Mamitas to elevate the hard seltzer category. Mamitas complements an active lifestyle and doesn’t sacrifice taste,” according to Jeff Wright, who co-founded Phusion Projects.

Mamitas Tequila and Soda

  • Real Tequila
  • 95 Calories
  • 5% alcohol by volume
  • 4 packs of 4 classic tequila flavors – Lime, Paloma, Pineapple, and Mango
  • 12 oz. cans


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