Is Mark Cuban’s Powerful ‘Radical MOOV’ Hoverboard The Ferrari Of All Hoverboards?

by 9 months ago

In late 2015, hoverboards briefly enjoyed a cultural moment as the must-have item of the holiday season. Except there was a problem: Not only did they attract a douche-tastic crowd of vapers and fuckboys, the lithium batteries exploded thanks to cheap, low-quality Chinese manufacturers, earning bans from the TSA and starting fires in homes.

Despite the negative press, a few savvy tech visionaries were cautiously optimistic about the marketplace for rideables. One product caught the attention of Mark Cuban, who saw an open lane for a company called Radical Transport, which just launched the Radical Moov on Kickstarter. Unlike the clunky, junky hoverboards from two years ago, Radical Transport promises a quality product made in the USA. INC Magazine has an interview with Cubes about why he wanted in:

Mark Cuban (Investor at Radical Transport): I thought the original boards were junk. That a board with style and a feel like a snowboard, originally designed and constructed in the USA, would crush it.
John White: What makes Moov different from other failed boards in the past?

EJ Williams (Engineer/Co-founder at Radical Transport): We don’t deny that hoverboards got a bad rep over the last year. There are many reasons for those issues, but it really boils down to the fact that no individual company was producing hoverboards.

They were all being produced in “mom and pop” shops in china, having different stickers slapped on them, and being sold to America with absolutely no responsible quality control or even liability back to a single company.

We’ve developed the MOOV over the last year and a half with meticulous attention to detail and testing. We are also undergoing the highest level of certification you can achieve for a hoverboard: UL2272.


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