Get Your Busted Ass Life In Order With This Military Grade Waterproof Case That Also Charges Your Phone



I’ll never forget that moment in Forrest Gump when Forrest talks about Lt. Dan calling him to tell him they’d never have to worry about money again (because they’d made a killing on Apple stocks), to which Forrest responded “That’s good, one less thing.” To me that’s been a sort of mantra to follow in life, but instead of chasing ungodly sums of money like Lt. Dan was (and Forrest fell into) I’m perpetually chasing after those products in life, ones that simplify my life and remove the need to own multiple products when I can just own one, or products that enhance things I already own. And that’s precisely why I’ve been so hooked on Mophie and every product they’ve made over the last year or so (since I first discovered them).

Their latest offering, the Mophie H2PRO is the future of the cellphone case. It’s completely waterproof AND it charges your phone when it’s dying. And when I sawy completely waterproof I mean 100% WATERPROOF, as in ‘exceeds military standards.’ As in “IP68 Ingress Protection. Tested and passed standards against the invasion of dust, foreign objects and water immersion up to 1.2m for 30 minutes.”

Furthermore, the Mophie H2PRO offers up to 14 additional hours of talk time, 10 additional hours of web browsing, 11 additional hours of video playback, and 50 additional hours of music playback…which is an absolutely INSANE amount of additional battery time. This is the kind of case I’d been looking for at festivals/concerts when there was a chance of rain and I planned on using my phone a shitton that day. This case has solved a whole heap of problems. The Mophie H2PRO is the REAL DEAL, and you’d BUY ONE TODAY by following those links down below if you knew what was good for you!!!

The Mophie H2PRO Waterproof Juice Pack








And of course there are other options available that provide protection and charging, if you’re not looking for the waterproof edition.