Nerf Makes A Tennis Ball Shooter For Dogs And It Will Be Your Other Best Friend

by 1 year ago
NERF DOG Blaster


What’s up Nerf Dog? Oh, nothing, what’s up with you? Oh nothing, just making awesome stuff for guys and their best pals. It’s the Nerf Dog Tennis Ball Shooter and it will save you from all that shoulder, arm and back pain.

This high-powered Nerf Dog Tennis Ball blaster launches your dog’s favorite fetching tennis ball over 50 feet in the air. Then when your buddy brings the ball back, just place the barrel on the tennis ball and pick it up “hands-free.”

The Nerf Dog Nerf Dog Tennis Ball blaster is perfect for that pet that never gets tired of tossing the ball around. Wear the little bastard out so he’ll stop bothering you at least for an hour.

This blaster also works great for kids. No, not making them fetch, for them to use on the dog. Although now that we think about it…


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