Nordstrom’s Selling This Rock Wrapped In Leather For $85 Because Rich People Are Stupid

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Nordstrom Rock


You can’t blame rich people for losing touch with reality. When you have so much money that you don’t blink twice when spending $1,900 a night on hotels, $50K on watches and $150K+ on cars, it’s easy to lose touch with how much normal things cost. Furthermore, it’s very easy to lose all concept of what ‘normal’ even means because what’s normal to you is drastically different from the rest of the population.

After entering a life of affluence and opulence you soon find yourself spending money on the weirdest of shit, like a pantry full of artisanal sea salts and aged virgin olive oils costing $500+ per bottle. Likewise, your house soon becomes decorated full of the weirdest of shit, shit like this $85 rock wrapped in leather being sold at Nordstrom this Christmas:

Nordstrom Rock


UPDATE: this rock is now sold out (temporarily) because so many rich people bought it

This isn’t a gag gift, well, it kind of is. But I mean that in the sense that people aren’t buying it as a prank. A literal shit ton of rich people are shelling out $85 a pop for this rock wrapped in leather that servese no purpose whatsoever, though, Nordstrom does give some ideas on what to do with this stupid ass rock:

“A paperweight? A conversation piece? A work of art? It’s up to you, but this smooth Los Angeles-area stone—wrapped in rich, vegetable-tanned American leather secured by sturdy contrast backstitching—is sure to draw attention wherever it rests.”

This definitely feels like one of those gifts conceived by a group of marketing managers sitting in a room chatting about ‘what’s we something can sell for Christmas that’s so outlandish only rich people will buy it, but it’s so fucking stupid the rest of the world will mock it and we’ll get tons of free press?’ That’s genuintely how I feel this rock came into being.

Listen, if you’ve got $85 and WANT TO BUY THIS ROCK, please, by all means, click that link and buy this stupid fucking rock wrapped in leather. I won’t mock you. In fact, I’ll be impressed that you have so much disposable income that you can afford to do this like spend $85 on a goddamn rock that I could go find for you in the backyard of my house.

But, if you do need Christmas gift suggestions I’ve done a ton of Gift Guide work in recent weeks and have much better suggestions for you bros. So you’d be much better off checking out my ’50 Things We Want From Santa’ Holiday Gift Guide than spending your money on a goddamn rock:

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