Clean Your Ass Once And For All By Ditching The Toilet Paper And Getting A Bidet From Omigo

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There’s absolutely no way in hell any of us who regularly use toilet paper feel good about the cleanliness of our asses after doing our business in the bathroom. I mean, sheesh, a thin piece of paper sure isn’t going to properly wipe away all that crap.

You deserve to be clean and comfortable after spending time on the toilet, and getting a bidet from Omigo is the way to experience that feeling once and for all. Plus, you can save 15% off when using a special BroBible code.

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You’re probably thinking that bidet’s are for high class individuals and something that Europeans only use, right? It’s time to get over that perception, pal, because Omigo‘s making this booty cleaner affordable for the Average Joe, meaning you’ll have a cleaner, more comfortable, and safer result once you’re done doing your business.

Since it may take a little educating, we’re giving you plenty of reasons why a bidet is the way to go. So stop the fight at grocery stores for pointless toilet paper and get to the next level with a bidet from Omigo.

Get 15% OFF Omigo when using the BroBible code


Helps With Hemorrhoids And General Health

Many young dudes might think hemorrhoids only happen to old people, but, wrong, everyone’s susceptible to experiencing them. With straining being the main culprit, an Omigo bidet helps relieve discomfort from hemorrhoids thanks to a low-pressure, warm water stream, which is gentle on your booty, rather than wiping excessively with toilet paper.

According to some researchers, a low-pressure, warm water stream from a bidet may help ease the pressure on veins that causes hemorrhoids, leaving a relaxing sensation after each poo.

Sex, But Better

Nobody wants to be dirty down there when some action’s about to happen, so pre-sex cleanliness is an absolute must. And if you think toilet paper alone will wipe away that stench from the burrito you just got rid of a couple hours ago, you’re mistaken.

However, cleaning with an Omigo bidet definitely does, as the warm water washes away nasty scents or residue.

Plus, a bidet is the only way for ladies to really clean themselves after sex to help prevent UTIs, as TP just doesn’t get the job done. Nobody wants to get an infection down there, so keeping things as clean as possible will leave ladies feeling refreshed and clean after doing the dirty. Skip the shower and use a bidet for a healthier body.

No More Itchy, Flaky, Stinky Feeling

It’s a given that water’s going to clean your butt a helluva lot better than some thin toilet paper; which is why a bidet from Omigo is the best way to stay comfortable after pooping. Fresh water takes care of any issues that could leave you itching or scratching in public — which is a sight for sore eyes — as well as any nasty odors that may be lingering post-poo.

Having a bidet means no left over fecal matter in your undies. It means a more enjoyable (and cleaner) sexual experience. Bottom line: A bidet does what TP can’t; actually clean your ass!

Get 15% OFF Omigo when using the BroBible code


With a couple of designs and attachments, installing your Omigo bidet is easy as pie. Plus, it comes with plenty of other features, too — like an LED light inside the toilet bowl for those late-night bathroom breaks, so you’ll never have to worry about missing and pissing on the floor. Take a look below at some of the other details.

  • Separate rear and front washes
  • Endless warm water with 4 settings
  • 3 water pressure settings
  • 7 nozzle positions
  • 3 spray widths
  • Self cleaning nozzle system
  • Heated seat with adjustable temperature
  • Skin contact safety sensor
  • Wireless remote with magnetic dock
  • Soft closing lid and seat
  • Built in LED night light

It’s time to clean your bum for good, guys, and avoid that awful post-poo feeling you often get from toilet paper. So head on over to Omigo to see why a bidet is the way to a happier and healthier experience.

Get 15% OFF Omigo when using the BroBible code


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