Oreo Is Now Coming Out With Churros, Because Fuck Resting On Your Laurels

Forget being the #1 cookie in America, Oreo wants more. And they should. Yeah, Oreo is apparently top dog, but they haven’t converted people like me yet, because for my money Keebler Soft Batch are still the tits of the operation in the cookie game — my mom couldn’t buy them fast enough when I was a kid…a chubby ass kid.

How do you go about making that conversion? I don’t know, if I did I’d be a goddamn cookie magnate, but Oreo is trying to get there by releasing crazy flavors and now churros. CHURROS!

But not just one kind of churro, Oreo is releasing three variations of their new twist on an old classic

  • traditional churro sticks
  • double-twisted churros
  • bite-size churros

Hot damn.

No word on when these are being released for public consumption, but a big day for all you Oreo lovers nonetheless.



[H/T Grub Street]

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