This Might Be The Most Aggressive And Hilarious Ugly Christmas Sweater Of 2016

by 1 year ago


Last week we posted out list of the best ugly Christmas sweaters of 2016, but that was before this beauty was brought to our attention. It’s our dear friend Patrick Bateman and this is the second ugly Christmas sweater that he is on. As you can see, here he is feeling all festive while giving some lady the business. And by business I mean his… well, you know what I mean.

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And if you’re into Patrick Bateman, but you you hang out with a bunch of squares who can’t find the joy an ugly Christmas sweater featuring a psychopath boning a woman, then check this other one out. It’s much more tame, but it still has all that P. Bateman goodness.



These sweaters just go to show that this is the single most underrated holiday movie of all time. This Thanksgiving I’ll be giving thanks that there is an ugly Christmas sweater with Patrick Bateman’s face on it.

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