Get 10% Off Putter Pong — The Putt-Putt x Skeeball x Beer Pong Yard Game Of The Summer

Earlier this week we told you about some of the best backyard golf games on the market this summer. One of our favorite games of the summer is putter pong: Putt putt meets cornhole.

The game was created by three fraternity brothers who had the desire to combine two of their favorite activities: putting and skeeball. But let’s be real — As a Bro, you see that triangle and automatically think “beer pong.” A Putter Pong set comes with everything you see in the pics, including a putter.

We’ve teamed up with the dudes at Putter Pong to offer a special discount for BroBible readers — 10% off, applied with the code BROBIBLE10.

BUY IT NOW: $129

Remember: Use the code BROBIBLE10 for 10% off.

And as a reminder, if you use the code BROBIBLE when buying a CHIPPO, we’ll send you two free koozies with your order.

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