Dude Builds A Fully Functional Hoverbike And GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY This Looks Like The Most Fun Ever

In his very first attempt at building a machine that leaves the ground Colin Furze has constructed a 100% real and fully functional ‘hoverbike’. The only problem here is that Che forgot to include any sort of ‘brake’ system, which actually ends up making this look 100x more fun than if it was handcuffed with a bunch of stupid safety features. I don’t know much about building flying hoverbikes, but after watching this video I now know that I cannot rest until I build one of these for myself.

Before we get to more on Colin Furze, the dude who built this badass hoverbike, let’s check out that action once more in GIF, shall we?


There was a time when Adam & Jamie from MythBusters were the best machine/prop/gadget builders around, but Colin Furze has ascended to the throne as the biggest badass builder on the planet these days. This dude first popped up on my radar a few years ago when he built a MASSIVE ‘fart machine’ whose only purpose was to send flaming farts in the direction of France.

When I see a stunt like that I’m going to stop and pay attention, because I found it fucking incredible that a man would invest so much time and labor just to send flaming farts towards France. His flaming fart machine (shot out of an ass) was totally badass, and if you want to see that video after watching the one above you can do so by clicking here. And if you dig that build you can check out the BroBible archives for every one of Colin Furze’s badass builds by following this link: Colin Furze.