RØDE Scores Big with Their Long-Awaited Debut Headphones for Just $149

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  • These Røde headphones are a perfect fit for your favorite audiophile

Sometimes, tech manufacturers can’t see the forest for the trees. Oh sure, they can build a set of headphones that deliver crystal clear, brilliantly reproduced sound that makes you feel like you’re in the same room with your subjects. But if wearing those headphones for more than 30 minutes becomes unbearably uncomfortable, it doesn’t really matter how fantastic they sound. RØDE knows headphone comfort and wearability can ultimately be just as important as the sound that comes out of them.

While RØDE may not be a name you immediately identify with premium headphones; the long-time Australian microphone maker has been stretching its wings in recent years. In their current efforts to plant a flag in the exploding business around podcasting, streaming, and other digital audio, RØDE took the plunge and created their first pair of wired over-ear studio-quality cans with the inaugural NTH-100s.

Though just with their first attempt at entering the crowded headphone field, RØDE seems to have struck gold right out of the gate. The NTH-100s have already garnered almost universal praise for their potent mix of brilliantly untainted audio performance and a firm commitment to user comfort, bringing together materials customers would usually only find in much more expensive headphone models.

RØDE NTH-100 Headphones – A first for RØDE

The true highlight of these headphones comes from their absolute devotion to utterly authentic sound. RØDE took an unexpected turn with the NTH-100s. These headphones play it absolutely straight with a focus on truly accurate sound, rather than artificially pumping up the bass for added volume and low-end rumble. Instead, the NTH-100s offer the genuine version of your audio, presenting high, medium, and low frequencies faithfully without any of the filtration or amplification of similar models.

For anyone who truly cares about what they hear, from professionals to gamers and home audiophiles alike, that presentation offers confidence to every element of an audio piece, helping high treble sounds come through distinctly while presenting bass pieces without the trademark distortion.

Røde also realizes that this type of faithful presentation demands extended listening, so the construction of these headphones has to be of equal quality to combat listener fatigue.

Optimized for long listening sessions or even longer content creation sessions, the plush memory-foam earpads are infused with another proprietary RØDE feature: CoolTech gel, which actively cools the ears and ensures that heat doesn’t build up during long listening periods. Both the headband and ear pad cushions are lined with Alcantara, an incredibly soft and durable fabric that is usually found in high-end sports cars and fashion for the perfect mix of comfort, style and practicality. Throw in the fully-adjustable stainless steel headband equipped with RØDE’s own FitLok locking system which locks away an ideal size, so users can enjoy a perfect fit without adjusting each time they listen.

“These headphones are everything that RØDE said they would be,” raved Randolph Carter in his Amazon review. “They are by far the most comfortable headphones I have ever worn, the build quality is outstanding…(and) the sound is fantastic.”

Coupling a premium brand with exceptional materials, stellar comfort, and next-level sound reproduction, it would be no surprise if the RØDE NTH-100 headphones retailed at a price point in the $300-$500 range. At $149.99, that’s too enticing a combination to pass up.