What Is Roku? How Roku Can Level Up Your Streaming Game

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My parents haven’t had cable in years. They’ve finally begun to see the value and affordability of YouTube, Netflix and other streaming services, although, with quarantine fatigue setting in, they decided they had nothing to lose by giving cable a shot again. They were bored and wanted to see what they were missing out on. Turns out they weren’t missing out on anything except an expensive bill and TV channels they had absolutely no interest in watching.

They then decided to cut the cord again and switched to Roku as a convenient alternative where they could access all their favorite streaming services in one place. They didn’t need to upgrade their TV to an expensive smart TV or buy cable; there were live stations available on Roku already — in addition to their beloved streaming platforms.

Thanks to Roku’s simple home screen, easy-to-use remote and automatic software updates, the Roku Ultra is extremely easy to use. And with voice search on the Roku mobile app (as well as on the Roku Ultra remote), watching TV is a lot more fun with features to help you find and stream your favorite shows.

Here’s how the Roku Ultra levels up your streaming game.


Roku Ultra Offers 4K Streaming

The Roku Ultra is priced at $99.99, which is a steal for all that’s included to enhance your home entertainment. This is Roku’s most expensive streaming option but it is still much cheaper than the alternative; IE: buying a brand new TV.

The Roku Ultra offers crisp resolution in 4K and Ultra HD, with a powerful cord-core processor and USB/microSD/Ethernet ports for ultimate connectivity. It comes with premium JBL headphones with purchase (definitely a steal for private listening while other members of your household are working from home!) and a lost remote finder (which is a game changer).

Most of all, every streaming platform loads super quickly with Roku Ultra. Roku wastes no time when it comes to giving you everything you need at a stellar price.

Roku Is All-In On Live Sports

Let’s talk about what’s included with a Roku on the platform itself.

For starters, Roku is one of the easiest ways to stream live sports without a cable package.

After months of sitting in quarantine with very little (if any) live sports, fans will be tuning into their favorite sports games and leagues to catch up on all the action. And, while a lot of people justify their enormous cable bill because they love watching live sports, that doesn’t mean you have to pay a fortune to take in all the upcoming games.

With Roku, you can easily add CBS Sports, NBA, NFL and more through your Roku TV or streaming player. Also, if you have ESPN+ for watching UFC and MLB, you can add that into your sports streaming section too.


A Ton of Streaming Options.

Roku offers an easy and convenient way to stream HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu and other platforms. There is even more additional content on The Roku Channel, so that means even more options for entertainment — aside from your traditional streaming subscriptions. The Roku Channel has more than 100 free, live TV streaming channels with providers such as NowThis and USA Today. Some Roku devices even come with a microphone programmed into the remote so you can use your voice to access content making it even easier to search for your favorite shows and movies. Plus, The Roku Channel has a ton of classic movies and shows offered for free.

Last but not least, there is a Peloton channel! So for those of you who love riding the stationary bike, you can stream workouts right on your TV.

The Roku Channel.

The iconic options range from Forensic Files, Hoarders, and Empire of the Sun, but, seriously, you are guaranteed to find something you love on The Roku Channel. My family’s biggest struggle is running out of things that interest us. There aren’t a lot of streaming platforms that offer things you can watch with the entire family either. Although, Roku is constantly adding new and free features on the channel, so you won’t ever run out of the content to watch – Dad approved movies, if you will.

In the interest of saving money without sacrificing premium content and options, Roku was by far the best choice for my family. It centralized all the shows and movies we love in one place, all at a fraction of the cost.


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