Meet The Last Bag You’ll Ever Have To Buy: The Waterproof Rolo Travel Luggage Pack

It’s time for you to grow up and get your luggage game in order. That busted duffle bag that you’ve been lugging around since your days in the college dorm room just isn’t hacking it anymore, you need something bigger, something more sturdy, a piece of luggage that’s capable of carrying the lion’s share of your wardrobe.

I’m talking of course about one bag in particular, the Rolo Travel Bag. It’s a portable wardrobe pack designed to maximize the amount of storage by rolling your items but also designed to keep everything in order, and unwrinkled. This is actually a marvel of design, so before I hype it up too much let’s check out the bag that you’re about to buy once you realize how badass this thing is:

Rolo Travel Bag: Step Up Your Organization Game with This Portable Wardrobe Pack ($42.99)

Lost socks and wrinkled clothing may be a rite of passage for you, but why not throw some organization into your travel plans? Rolo makes it easy for even the messiest of us to travel like a pro with its separated mesh pockets and 360-degree hanging hook. Just open your bag, swing the hook around, and hang for easy access to everything you need.

“Pack whatever clothes you need and roll them up in the 16-inch by 6-inch Rolo Bag.” The New York Times

— Made of waterproof nylon
— Includes two large & two small mesh pockets
— Easy to roll up
— Acts as a portable wardrobe w/ included hanger
— Works as a shoulder bag or hooks on your backpack

Purchase Today: $42.99

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