SAVE THE BROS: Hilarious PSA Wants Bros To Think About The ‘Questionable’ Ingredients In Your Protein

Back in February, Organic Valley dropped what we consider the commercial of the year: A “Save the Bros” parody PSA advertising a Organic Valley’s Organic Fuel high protein milk shake. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

The food co-op’s “Save the bros” campaign is trying to get Bros to stop “chugging toxic chemical junk found” found in “their favorite food source: protein shakes.” Instead, drink their product when you’re bulking up while getting swole: Organic Fuel, a bro-tein shake made from all natural, wholesome organic ingredients.

Organic Valley is back with more mock PSAs to #SaveTheBros. This time they started the “The Brononymous Hotline” –“an anonymous service that ensures your bro gets the help he needs, and he’ll have no clue it came from you.” Because look — Bros get pretty sensitive when it comes to making changes in their Brotein habits.

New video above, first Save The Bros PSA below. If you’re ready to start getting swole au naturale and ditch the protein that’s loaded with icky chemicals, stock up on Organic Fuel 4-packs over on Amazon.