How To Tell If Your Shirt Is Too Big, Besides The Fact You Look Like A Walking Sailboat



There are almost too many shirt sizes available today so it should be almost impossible to buy the wrong size. Nope, it’s still possible. I still see bros walking around with shirts so huge they’ve got to be hiding SOMETHING under their arm pits.

For those in the audience going on job interviews this summer or working internships, or those who just want to stop looking like a 90s R&B singer, GQ put out this handy guide to choosing the right shirt size. Suggestions include checking your profile, and not just your front, in a mirror and feeling how much excess material you can grab without touching skin.

Here’s one of the biggest red flags that your shirt is as big as an American flag.

Look for Auto-Untuck When you’re dealing with a shirt that’s too big, it’ll come untucked much more easily during the day, simply because there’s more for gravity (and your desk chair) to grapple with. If you notice that you’re constantly re-tucking an auto-untucked shirt, size down. Also, make sure it’s a shirt that’s meant to be tucked. (There should be an uneven hem if it is.)

You shouldn’t be spending half the day tucking your shirt back in at your internship. Unless that’s all your qualified to do. In that case, tuck away my friend.

[via GQ]

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