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I Got U.S. Open Gear In My Short Par 4 Membership – Here Are My Takeaways

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, someone who plays golf multiple times a week, or only hits the links a few times a year, every golfer has one thing in common: they want to play well and they want to look good while doing it.

Short Par 4, a monthly golf apparel subscription, is here to take care of the second part of that equation. They can’t help you lower your handicap, but they can certainly help you look good both on and off the golf course while not breaking the bank.

Before you roll your eyes and think ‘oh great, another subscription service,’ trust me when I say that Short Par 4 delivered gear and apparel to my front door that was above and beyond anything I could have expected.

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Short Par 4 offers four different memberships – the Fairway, Executive, Magnolia, and Glove Club – and I personally got my hands on the 2022 U.S. Open gear being featured in their different membership packages in June.

One of the many cool things Short Par 4 does is that whenever a major championship rolls around, they base that month’s box of gear and apparel around the specific major. Short Par 4 isn’t just sending you random red, white, and blue generic polos ahead of the U.S. Open for example, they’re sending you actual U.S. Open gear.

And no, it’s not a bag of t-shirts with The Country Club’s logo on it. I’m talking about name-brand polos with the official logo on them, t-shirts, and more.

For anyone who has ever attended any professional golf tournament and checked out the merchandise you know just how overpriced quite literally everything can be. You’re lucky to even find one polo for $100, and it’s probably the worst-looking one on the entire property.

Well, Short Par 4 delivers multiple pieces of official apparel and gear to your door at a far lower price point.

The Fairway Membership is $54.99 per month. The U.S. Open polo, t-shirt, and putting aid I received are worth much, much more than that. It’s tough to find just a golf polo alone for $55 these days, let alone one with a major championship venue’s logo on it.

The Executive Membership is $109.95 per month and Short Par 4 over-delivered here in the best way imaginable. How about an official U.S. Open polo, an official t-shirt, a pair of name-brand shorts, a putting aid, and a sleeve of golf balls. Not a cheap sleeve of golf balls either, we’re talking about the most premium golf balls from one of the top golf brands on the planet.

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So, How Does Short Par 4 Work?

Short Par 4 makes it as easy as possible for you to get the gear and apparel you actually want.

  1. Pick a membership that suits your desires: you can go the casual and modern route or go with a more sharp, country club look.
  2. Take a personalized quiz: This is where Short Par 4’s Style Caddies do the heavy lifting as they find specific items that are tailored to your personal style.
  3. Door-to-Door service: Open your door and find a glorious package waiting for you with apparel and gear from brands like Callaway, Under Armour, Puma, and many more.

My Honest Takeaways After Using Short Par 4

As a 29-year-old who has played and followed the game of golf his entire life who also lives on the internet and has seen an infinite number of golf brands over the years, I’m confident in saying I know below-average golf apparel and great golf gear and apparel.

Short Par 4 sends its members great gear and apparel.

For complete transparency, I’m a 3 handicap who plays golf at a country club. The country clubbers out there, or any other golfers for that matter, who are skeptical that Short Par 4 can’t possibly deliver on their promises, trust me when I say they over-deliver.

As another vote of confidence, the first thing my wife said when she saw all of the gear on the kitchen table was “this stuff is nice.” She then proceeded to steal one of the t-shirts before I could say anything.

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