This Shot Spinner Is The Easiest Drinking Game To Play Of All Time, Also Probably The Most Lethal

by 3 years ago

Today’s deal of the day comes to us from the Land of Booze and Bad Choices. If you’re unfamiliar with this game, it’s called Spin the Shot and it’s so goddamn easy to play. Too easy, really.

First: You put a shot glass on the spinner
Second: You fill that motherfucker with liquor
Third: You flick the arrow
Fourth: Whoever the arrow lands drinks the liquor
Repeat: Until everyone is having unprotected sex. Or doing other wildly dumb shit. 

This spin-the-shot is only $10. Hours and hours of alcohol-induced fun for only $10. And maybe the cost of bail money. Who know where the night will take you?!?

True Fabrications Spin the Shot Glass Spin The Wheel Drinking Game

Buy Here!

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