This Dude Has The Greatest Job In The World: A Side-By-Side Review Of Badass Flamethrowers

Back in high school when my guidance counselor asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up he conveniently left out the possibility that I could strap on two badass flamethrowers and review them on YouTube for the entire world to see. I don’t know why that didn’t come up in conversation as a possible career path for me because I’ve always had an affinity for explosives. In fact I used to convince our Chemistry teacher, Mr. Harrison, to bust out some explosives at least once a week when the class had been good that day and finished our lesson plan early (he’d oblige almost once a week unless he was in a bad mood, and break out the good stuff from his locker…high school was awesome).

Looking back on my life now it pains me to know that I could be getting paid those big ‘YouTube’ bucks for activities like this. I mean, if we’re being honest here I’d pay someone money to let me do this. The fact that this dude’s getting PAID to do shit like this is still blowing my mind:

Also, I’d just like to make quick note of how awesome the sound is that those flamethrowers make. It’s like the soothing sound of a waterfall, but for pyromaniacs.

For those of you wondering, the X15 flamethrower would set you back around $1,600 and the XM42 Flamethrower will retail for around $1,300, though it’s currently sold out.

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