Speckols Are The Customizable Party Glasses You Didn’t Realize You Needed Until Right Now

by 3 years ago

THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE. Just wanted to put that out there.

Here’s the thing about a product like Speckols — at first glance you think “oh those things are fucking dumb” and then you watch this video and go “actually, I could use those for a ton of occasions.” All of those occasions are stupid, but, whatever this life is short.

Speckols are the only party glasses that let you boldly say anything on your face. Want to be the life of the party? Want to take an expressive selfie? Want to cheer on your favorite sports team? Say it on your face. With Speckols, the sky’s the limit, and your face is the brightly shining sun.

Speckols were invented to bring the fun of party glasses into the age of immediacy. Other party glasses exist, but none are instantly customizable. Speckols’ extremely simple design allows you to quickly tap into your creative side.

The glasses are still in Kickstarter phase so you should get them by around the time you’ll need the 2017 specs.

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