This Surround Sound Bed Is Awesome For Feeling The Music And Having Sex


Kaffe Matthews

A couple years ago English sound artist Kaffe Matthews created a crazy sci-fi bed for “heightened relaxation and immersion through the inclusion of a surround sound speaker system right in the frame,” as YourEDM explains. In other words, it’s a bed with a bunch of fancy, 12 channel surround sound speaker system built into the frame.

The so-called “Sonic Bed” isn’t actually in commercial production, but it can’t stop one from wondering what it’s like to throw on a remastered version of Frampton Comes Alive! and pretend you’re in the middle of Winterland Ballroom.

It’s also probably pretty fun for kinky stuff with partners. Throw on some Bonobo deep cuts and you’re probably in space-your-face heaven.

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