The Swurfer Swing Brings The Thrill Of Surfing To Your Front Lawn


As a kid, you probably rode a swing in a hundred different ways and all of those variations were incredibly dangerous. You’d stand up on it on one foot, or do flips, or get as high as you could and then just launch yourself into the air. The reason was because, well, after a while a swing is pretty damn boring.

If only the swing could do more. Check out The Swurfer

Swurfer is a standing swing designed to mimic the movement of board sports. It’s curved just like a surfboard or skateboard, with adjustable handles that add stability while you get into the swing of it.

Made in the USA entirely from hard rock maple wood, the boards are super durable, and can really get moving in all directions. It’s just as fun to use as a traditional swing, too—just with a wider base.

Just check out the possibilities and Get One Now!