The Bolde Bottle Is Your New Favorite Gym Shaker Bottle

Ever screw off the lid of your favorite protein shaker before a gym sesh and notice that rank smell? You know the smell: The gross, rotten stink of rotting protein that you just can’t seem to scrub clean.

Most protein shakers are petri dishes of protein after a while. That’s why you have to go stainless steel with a more hygienic bottle for gains season.

The Bolde Bottle is that solution: It’s a pretty cool little Kickstarter project that’s ending very soon, so act fast. There’s vacuum insulation to keep your shake cold, along with a power goat for grip when balmy hands.

And, unlike plastic, stainless steel stops the build up of bacteria on its surface, making for an easy to clean protein shaker. Just think of your favorite vacuum insulated cups for keeping beverages cold or hot for hours.

Also: It will not absorb or retain foul odors!

Go grab it before the Kickstarter ends – Truly a last chance opportunity here for a gym bottle that will make the whole squad jealous.



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