The Rock Just Released An App To Help Motivate Losers Like You To Be A Winner Like Him

Finally, The Rock HAS the app store.

To celebrate his 44th birthday, The Rock announced the release of The Rock Clock — a daily motivational tool to keep people on track to attain their goals. The app isn’t just about fitness though, the goal can be anything a user chooses, from finishing a screenplay to cleaning out the garage. And if there’s one thing The Rock is, it’s motivational.

Here’s how it works..

Rock App

After downloading the free app, pick a project or goal, set an alarm every day to remind you about that goal (or just to wake your ass up) and then “get after it.”

I decided to start easy since it’s my first day.

Finish Breakfast

In the next screen, the app asks you to choose your date of completion. It then asks what time you want to wake up and if you want to wake up to music. If you’re dedicated enough, you can set the alarm to wake up he exact same time The Rock does, which is typically 4:30 am.

After all the settings are chosen, user can watch a motivational video from the man himself.

The Rock Motivation

Or you can just hit snooze and go back to living your awful life. Your call, jabroni.

[via iTunes]