The Rocker Grinder Keychain Is A 4-In-1 Grinder, Funnel, Container, And One-Hitter

Looking for a new keychain that fits your lifestyle? Well, if your lifestyle involves frequently grinding up the sticky icky herb then this is the keychain for you. It’s a 4-in-1 multi-tool which features a grinder (obviously), a funnel (to dump that herb into whatever), it serves as a container for your herb, and it’s also a one-hitter for lighting that cheeba. For the next three days the Rocket Keychain Grinder is marked down 25% and on sale for only $29.99 (BUY IT NOW!), so let’s take a look:

There has perhaps never been a more useful tool for smokers than the Rocket Grinder. The Rocket is a grinder, container, heating chamber, and mouthpiece all condensed into a compact, EDC device that fits comfortably on your keychain. Taking the edge off has never been easier.

— Clip on your keychain for easy everyday carry
— Grind your tobacco w/ the most sophisticated grinder on the market today
— Carry your tobacco discreetly until you’re ready to smoke
— Funnel directly into the heating chamber
— Detach the contained mouth-piece to smoke on-the-go

It’s time to TREAT YO’ SELF and pick this grinder keychain up today while it’s still on sale! Just follow the link below to head over to the BroBible Shop!

BUY IT NOW: $29.99

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