13 ‘Things We Want’ This Week: Badass Speakers, Koozies, Bourbon, And More!

sonos playbase things we want

Alright, bros, it’s time again for the weekly ‘Things We Want’ feature. It’s a collection of the hottest gear I’ve come across this week. Ranging from items I desperately want in my life to things I’ll never be able to afford, I try and include a cross section of everything here in the ‘Things We Want‘ roundup. If you know of a product that you think should be featured in my weekly Gear Guide then feel free to hit me up via email at cass@brobible.com

Booker’s Bourbon 2017 Batch Collection: Tommy’s Batch

things we want booker's bourbon tommy's batch

Cass Anderson

Booker’s Bourbon has released a new batch, Tommy’s Batch, and it pays homage to Tommy Crume. Tommy worked alongside the founding distiller of Booker’s Bourbon, Booker Noe, for many years. And this special new batch is a testament to the dedication and hard work that goes into making a perfect bourbon. Tommy’s retired now, but this 128.5 proof bourbon has been aged 6 years, 4 months, and 6 days to perfection. Do yourself a favor and go taste this IMMEDIATELY. For details on tasting notes you can follow that link below!


The All-New Sonos Playbase

sonos playbase things we want

I’m in the market for some Sonos, so I’ll categorize this under ‘things I want but cannot afford at the moment’ because $699 seems steep for a single speaker base for your TV when I’m not fully ready to commit to the entire sytem…yet. For years we’ve had Sonos in the BroBible office and I’ve loved it. But I work from home these days and am mulling the idea of setting up 3 or 4 rooms in the house with Sonos speakers. The all new Sonos Playbase comes very highly recommended. I checked around with a few friends who have Sonos in their homes and they rave about their systems, one about this Playbase in particular. So I think I’m going to officially add this badass speaker system to my 2017 Wishlist.

— Two-in-one. Full-theater sound for your TV. Streams music, too.
— Low profile design that practically disappears. Sound you just can’t miss.
— Securely supports TVs up to 77 lbs (35 kg).
— Simple two-cord setup. One for power, one for your TV.
— Add SUB and two PLAY:1 rears for wireless 5.1 surround sound.

BUY IT NOW: $699

The World’s Largest Beach Towel — Monster Towel

things we want world's largest beach towel

Summer is just around the corner, and the one thing that’s going to make Summer 2017 the best yet is owning the World’s Largest Beach Towel which covers 100 sq ft. The Monster Towel comes in two colors, spreads out 10ft by 10ft, and it’s made out of a super easy to clean microfiber that shakes off the sand, and it dries out incredibly fast.


BOOKS: ‘The World Is Your Burger: A Cultural History’

things we want world is your burger

You love burgers. I love burgers. We all eat burgers on the regular. But how much do we really know about hamburgers? That’s where ‘The World Is Your Burger’ comes in. This is the end-all-be-all encyclopedia of hamburgers. It’s the perfect coffee table or bathroom book for any bro.


Kurgo’s Mud Dog Shower — A Travel Shower For Your Muddy Dog

things we want mud dog shower

things we want mud dog shower

Dogs love mud. Dogs also love hanging with their owners. In the Summer, I take my dog to the beach with me on the regular. I take my pup hiking and occasionally fishing with me. This leads to some muddy encounters. The Mud Dog Shower from Kurgo is a portable shower head that attaches to the top of a water bottle and it enables you to shower your dog anywhere/anytime you’ve got a water bottle on hand.


Death Before Decaf T-Shirt

death before decaf shirt

Our bro Chris Illuminati designed this shirt himself and it’s selling out fast. If, like me, you feel strongly that decaf coffee is the devil and want to show your pride by wearing this shirt you can scoop one of the limited edition tees by following the link below. Act fast though because they’re selling out quick!


Phiaton BT 220 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones (Wireless/Bluetooth 4.0)

things we want

things we want

The Phiaton BT 220 Active Noise Cancelling Earphones are some of the highest rated noise canceling earbuds ever made. They have over 140 reviews on Amazon with a rating of over 4 stars. If you’re looking for a pair of noise-canceling earphones that weren’t manufactured by Bose (and cost $300) then these are probably where you should start.

— Bluetooth 4.0. also featuring aptX which increases digital streaming efficiency and improves overall dynamic range
— Near-Field Communication (NFC) Technology
— Active Noise Cancelling blocks up to 95% of ambient background noise


Basslet Wearable Subwoofer — A Watch-Sized Wearable That Turns Up The Bass

things we want

Some people install subwoofers in their car, or put one on the shelf in their room to get the bass kicking. For some forward-thinking music nuts (you), however, it’s not enough to just hear the bass. You want to feel it. And that’s where Basslet comes in. This silent subwoofer straps around our wrist just like a watch and wirelessly pairs with any headphones with a 3.5mm audio jack to sync seamlessly with the music, letting you feel the thump of the bass as it plays in your head. It’s a powerful, futuristic music experience that headphones alone just can’t provide.

BUY IT NOW: $179

prescription bottle beer koozie

A cold beer is just what the doctor ordered with this hilarious foam drink koozie. It will keep any beverage can or bottle icy cold, but it keeps your hands warm and dry.

There’s no reason not to own this koozie. None. Especially since it’s less than $10. There’s no reason to not own one for every can in a 30 pack.


Beer Chilling Stick (2-Pack)

things we want

things we want

Made of stainless steel and imbued with advanced cooling technology, this beer chilling stick is durable and easy to use and clean. Simply freeze the chill stick for 45 minutes and then stick it in your beer bottle to maintain a longer chill. Awesome for those summer parties at the pool or beach, these sticks are fully FDA-approved, BPA-free, and guaranteed to keep your beer cool and happy.

BUY IT NOW: $18.99

CRKT Knives Sale: Everyday Carry Knives for the Everyday Worker

things we want

things we want

For gentlemen who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, Liong Mah’s everyday carry knife looks good with your Sunday best or putting in overtime on weekdays. The clip-point blade style works well on a variety of tasks, and the IKBS™ ball bearing pivot system opens the knife fast and easy and as smooth as you are under pressure.

BUY IT NOW: $14.99-$37 67% OFF)

3D Dinosaur Light Is Here To Party

things we want

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s… nope, it’s not either of those things, it’s a dinosaur light! This neon T-Rex will bound out of the dark to add some groovy ambiance to any room in your home. Fixated on a dark base with a plexi-glass design, this 3D light will appear to be floating as it jumps between seven interchangeable colors at your choosing. Scared of the dark? Turn on this luminescent buddy and you’ll have nothing to fear!

BUY IT NOW: $29.99

‘Ring For Sex’ Novelty Bell

things we want ring for sex bell

Sometimes a novelty gift is all you need to start getting laid more. Put this on yoru desk, in your bedroom, wherever. This ‘ring for sex’ bell just me be the one thing that’s been missing from your life lately.


These Mini Surf Boards For Your Hands Are Beach Game Changer This Summer

Last year a company called Slyde Handboards was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. Started by a surf-loving husband-wife couple from San Clemente, California, the product is wild one, beloved by beach-going bros around the world: Take a Slyde Grom board to the beach, strap it on your hand, and ride waves all summer without the hassle of a surfboard or boogie board.


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