Titanium Flask Comes With Funnel So Now The Only Annoying Drips While Drinking Will Be In Your Crotch


Pouring booze into a flask is difficult when a person is sober. It’s damn near impossible if a person has had a few too many. So maybe quit drinking for the day?

NO WAY! Make the pouring easier with a funnel!

The patent pending Vargo Funnel Flask’s integrated silicone funnel is always right where you need it. Simply flip it up for easy filling, then fold it down to sip comfortably. The 8 oz. titanium flask holds plenty of your favorite drink while imparting no taste, odor, or chemicals meaning you and your single malt stay pure. The funnel also functions as a perfect spout to pour your alcohol back into its original container.

Perfect for when your hands have the morning shakes or the evening shakes or the middle of the day shakes or the…



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