Check Out These Sweet Custom ‘Transformers’ Air Jordans Made Just For Mark Wahlberg

YouTube - Jacques Slade

Transformers: The Last Knight may be Mark Wahlberg’s last Transformers movie and it may have been a big box office and critical dud (15% on Rotten Tomatoes) here in the States, but at least he got some sweet new kicks out of the deal. (And a big payday because the movie has still grossed over $281 million worldwide because other countries have bad taste in movies apparently.)

The shoes, which are probably the only truly cool thing to come out of Transformers: The Last Knight, were custom-made for Wahlberg, a noted Air Jordan fan.

The special Transformers Air Jordan 4’s are designed in the theme of Bumblebee (who will have his own movie in 2018 because Jesus hates us) and were created by The Shoe Surgeon Dominic Chambrone.

Check ’em out…

Sweet, right? But wait, there’s more…

Thursday night Wahlberg took to Instagram to show us another pair of Transformers Air Jordans…

“Here is the only official #Transformers shoe out there. Thank you to my guys at @jumpman23 for making this special shoe for me,” Wahlberg captioned the video.

Celebrities… they get all the good stuff, don’t they?

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