This Unboxing Of Every Air Jordan Released During MJ’s Career Is A Sneakerhead’s Dream

unboxing every air jordan michael career

YouTube - Unbox Therapy

Are you a fan of Air Jordans or just iconic sneakers in general? Do you enjoy watching videos of people unboxing things? (Apparently thousands of you really do.) Then this unboxing video of every Air Jordan that Michael Jordan wore during his 15-year career is tailor-made for you. It also combines two YouTube personalities who many of you may already be familiar with: Brad Hall and Lewis from Unbox Therapy.

First, Hall, who has 115,000 subscribers, decided that he needed some advice on how to make better YouTube video so he sought out Lewis and Unbox Therapy, who have over 8.1 million followers. (Told you a LOT of people love them some unboxing.)

Then, while Hall was at the Unbox Therapy studios they decided to create a sneakerheads wet dream video of unboxing all 18 of the Air Jordans released during MJ’s career. That’s right, from the original Air Jordan that got MJ fined in his rookie year all the way to Air Jordan XVIII they’re all there and they’re all in pristine condition.

Naturally, this begs two questions? (1) How many Air Jordans have you owned in your life? And (2) which one is your favorite?

Check out the video below to help you decide…

Gotta say, I’m leaning towards the Air Jordan XI as my personal fave…


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