27 Unique Mother’s Day Gifts – What To Get Your Mom This Year (2021)


Folks, Mother’s Day is officially here. You know what that means: Time to find a unique Mother’s Day gift so you’re not the husband, son or daughter that scrambles last minute to a big box store only to buy *yet another* Dance Like No One’s Watching sign for Mom’s bathroom.

Because a one-of-a-kind mom deserves something thoughtful on her special day, yet out-of-the-box.

Presenting our gift guide for unique Mother’s Day gifts – Just in time to get your flower order placed and shopping done.

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts 2021

Upgrade Mom’s Internet with AT&T, get a $100 Reward Card

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Presented in partnership with AT&T

It’s been an important year for staying connected.

Mom deserves an upgrade. With all of us having video meetings daily, streaming our favorite movies and TV shows, and just browsing nonstop, having slow Wi-Fi just doesn’t cut it. But thanks to AT&T Internet, you can kiss all those Wi-Fi headaches goodbye, because AT&T Fiber brings super fast Internet, and is powered by 1,000Mbps to keep your entire home connected for a faster internet experience.

In addition to the $100 Reward Card that AT&T’s giving new Internet customers, those who sign-up for the Fiber option will receive an additional $50 reward card when entering the code SPRING50, meaning a total of $150 off just for signing up.

As if that’s all not enough, there’s just one other perk worth noting when signing up for 1 GIG Internet 1000: HBO Max is included giving new customers the latest and greatest movies and TV shows to stream for a number of devices.

It’s time to up upgrade your home connectivity with AT&T Fiber, delivering the internet speeds your family needs for work, school and play. And with a $100 Reward Card available + an additional $50 off when using the code SPRING50, you can make the switch without breaking the bank.


TRUFF – Black Truffle Olive Oil 

Mom fed you for years. Now it’s time to return the favor with a simple flavor experience you can share together. Known for their signature hot sauce and a delicious, savory pasta sauce, TRUFF just blew the minds of everybody who loves themselves a solid truffle oil. Just in time for summer, TRUFF debuted its brand new Black Truffle Oil just in time for the summer.

TRUFF’s new Black Truffle Oil gives everyone a chance to experience the sophisticated flavors of premium truffle oil from the comfort of your own kitchen.

If you’ve ever had other TRUFF products, you know that bottle won’t be a enough.


ProFlowers Mother’s Day Collection

Simple, thoughtful, and sweet. Delight every Mom in your life this Mother’s Day with a bouquet via ProFlowers. I like the ranunculus bouquet – bright blooms, famous for their delicate, silky petals.


Trade Coffee

Skip the coffee chain gift card this year. Mom deserves coffee shop caliber coffee at home. Trade Coffee is a coffee subscription service that’s been called “the Netflix of coffee” – It delivers new roasts from the top roasters in the United States. You can tailor it to mom’s preferences for a great cup of joe, making sure she actually enjoys sipping the stuff.

The result? Mom enjoying best damn cup of coffee each morning and every morning.


BEAST Skincare + Personal Care Products

There are a million skincare and personal care brands out there that want your business for Mother’s Day. Mix it up this year with a brand that’s focused on a sustainable ethos Mom can get behind: Beast is all about the three R’s; reduce, *reuse,* and recycle. Beasts Gift Sets utilize eco-minded packaging and are packed full of all-natural stuff that’s good for you skin and hair, like tea tree, aloe, ginseng, argan oil, etc. As members of 1% for the planet, Beast Brands donates 1% of sales to organizations that help protect the environment so she can feel good while you’re doing some good.

Save 25% off ALL Beast Brands products by using the code ‘BROBIBLE’ at checkout


Vuori Performance Apparel

It’s a golden age for hard-working, hard-playing moms who are ahead of the curve on trendy clothes trendsetters and enjoy being comfortable. California-based brand Vuori is emerging as an absolute powerhouse in the activewear game. There’s nothing like the gift of a comfy ‘fit, with Vuori offering seasonal staples like joggers, crews, and leggings that every Mom will love.


Moment Tele Lens

If your mom is anything like mine, she LIVES for capturing the moment on her phone AT ALL TIMES. The Moment Tele 58mm lens for smartphones is a seriously simple upgrade for those family snapshots, helping enhance pictures with tighter, crispier shots without using the digital zoom.

The Moment Tele is optimized for dual lens devices, you can achieve ~2x optical zoom when mounted over a single lens camera or wide side of a dual lens and ~4x optical zoom when mounted over the iPhone telephoto lens.


Tervis Tumbler

Moms love Tervis. They do such a great job of being colorful and fun, matching your mom’s whole vibe. You simply can’t have too many Tervis Tumblers. It’s the only cup a mom needs for sipping just another anything that needs sipping. And there are thousands of designs out there, in all shapes and sizes.


Massage Gun

The Actigun Percussion Massager is a smart massage gun that uses percussive blows to treat muscle aches and pains. Now anyone can loosen stiff muscles or work out knots without having to make a trip to a massage parlor. Best of all, for a limited time, the Actigun Percussion Massager is available for only $54.99, on sale from $199 (that’s a savings of 72 percent).

Save 72% on the Actigun Percussion Massager for a limited time


Rose Gold Sunglasses from Randolph Engineering

If you’re not familiar, Randolph Engineering is the Massachusetts-based company that crafts high performance aviators for the United States Military. Inspired by Amelia Earhart, The Amelia their first product inspired by feminine fashion, featuring a 22k Rose Gold jewelry Quality frame finish.



Comfort is everything and Lululemon is synonymous with exactly that. Lululemon offers some of the most versatile and cozy products for every kind of mother out there. A few selections we love:

  • Align Pants – Pants designed to maximize her comfort that are super soft and will move with her as she goes through her normal routine. They feel like butter and part of you.
  • On the Fly Pants – easy-care and versatile pieces that she will love to wear in any situation. From a quick trip out and about to a more formal situation.
  • Scuba Hoodie – deep dive into a warm snug hoodie. What’s better than a soft, stretchy, pullover.


WalkingPad Foldable Minimalist Treadmill

Don’t buy Mom a bulky treadmill that’s going to clutter up the house and serve as a catch-all for towels and other clothes. Go simple and minimalist. The WalkingPad saves space and has all the bells and whistles of a variable speed treadmill, with a remote for adjusting during use.


Oru Foldable Kayak

Ever notice how all Mother’s Day gift guides include variations of the same stuff? Flowers, perfume, candles.

All the same tropes. Yawn. 

You know know what you never see for mom?

A kayak.

Specifically, a wonderful foldable kayak that she can easily transport and assemble. 

Oru has spent the last 8 years developing boat designs that eliminate the most common barriers to kayak ownership: storage and transport. Combined with years of customer feedback, Oru has enhanced it’s entire line providing paddlers with the most durable and intuitive class of foldable kayaks to date.

Because Mom deserves adventures on the water all summer long. 


Aura Digital Frame

Digital picture frames have been a no-frills gift for mom for over a decade now, but I promise she doesn’t have one as awesome as an Aura. The Aura is “the world’s smartest digital picture frame.” It automatically crops and adjusts the colors of pics so that it looks perfect on the screen. Also, with the Aura app, you and your siblings can upload pics to your mom’s frame from anywhere. Just a simple, thoughtful way to remind her of what you’re up to, no matter how far from home you happen to stray.



Sometimes the simplest gifts get used the most.  TiniTopper is a drink topper to keep Mom from wasting any of that drink in her hand. It’s a simple solution to prevent spillage, bugs or unwanted germs from dropping in. It’s the perfect drinking caddy for the summer and fits over all kinds of drinkware.


Fulton Fish Market Seafood Dinner Party Box for 4

Mother’s Day brunch with lukewarm eggs benedict: Tired. Mother’s Day brunch with all the fixins of a top tier seafood tower: SO LIT. Opened in 1822, New York City’s Fulton Fish Market is one of the oldest fish markets in the United States. Fulton Fish Market’s direct-to-consumer platform ships some of the freshest fish in the world straight to your door. The deluxe Seafood Dinner Party Box serves 4 to 6 people, including four frozen lobster tails, four Fulton Fresh Atlantic salmon portions, two pounds of cooked cocktail shrimp, and two dozen Blue Point oysters.


Sparia Stylish 300ml Ceramic Ultrasonic Aromatherapy

The ultimate essential oils diffuser to freshen your home space and boost Mom’s mood. The Sparia is easy-to-use, with three LED light settings and a 1, 3, and 6-hour timer with automatic safety shut-off. It also sits on a sleek and stylish wood grain base, so it looks great in practically every room.


Bamboo Sheets

The ultimate low effort upgrade for a heavenly sleep. Bamboo sheets are ultra-soft and breathable, so they’re smooth to touch and won’t bake you while you’re trying to sleep. Right now, this luxurious four-piece bamboo sheet set is available for as little as $29.99, on sale from $60 (that’s a savings of 50 percent). The set is for anyone who wants to find the perfect sheets and comes available in all the standard sizes: twinfullqueen, and king.


The Reign from Vincero Watch

You don’t have to break the bank on an elegant timepiece. Upgrade mom’s watch game with a brand that’s emerged as a major player in the modern watch game. Vincero has done an incredible job at making gorgeous timepieces for a great price. Oe collection – The Reign – is a bold and dynamic women’s watch that looks great in all kinds of situations.


Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs

Tree Hut Sugar Scrubs are consistently one of Amazon’s most wanted beauty product. And it’s under $10. Thousands have touted how great it is for dry winter skin, leaving skin soft, smooth, and gently exfoliated.


YETI Women’s Short Sleeve T-Shirt

The next best thing to treating your mom to a tropical vacation. YETI’s pineapple tee is easy livin’ and good vibes. It’s soft, comfortable, and perfect for chillaxin’ with a cold drink in hand.


Breo Foot Massager with Heat

Happy feet, happy life. The Breo heated foot massager offers a truly incredible foot massage, with variable intensity and mood settings for a one-of-a-kind relaxation experience.


Sunday Scaries CBD Super Mom Bundle

The world sure has been on edge for the last year. That’s where the power of Sunday Scaries CBD comes in, with the popularity in things like gummies, oils, and bath bombs growing as more people become familiar with the ways these things can improve mood. And whether you’re a rookie in the CBD space, a veteran in the CBD space, or hoping to educate others with a starter kit on CBD products, there’s no better place than Sunday Scaries CBD to do just that. And with an awesome $20 off deal on the Super Mom Bundle, you can go ahead and save serious dough on all the best CBD products available.

Save $20 on the Super Mom Bundle now



I will stan Floafers forever as the ultimate low-effort upgrade to your footwear game. Yes, it looks and sounds silly. But trust us here – Slipping into a pair of Floafers changes the footwear game.

Floafers are the ultimate preppy gardening shoe / pool shoe / hanging around outside shoe. They’re also the ultimate conversation starter – they look like a driving shoe but have the everyday comfort of those other rubber foam shoe brands.

Unique Mother’s Day gifts should be fun, after all. Mom will love them, even if she’s weird about wearing them in public.


An online psychic reading via Keen.com

Mix it up for Mom with a psychic consultancy via Keen.com. Keen is a platform that links up psychic advisors with clients, offering consultations for psychic readings, life questions, astrology advice, and tarot readings. It’s the gift of figuring out the right path.


BrüMate Can Coolers

Moms love bubbly bevies in slim cans.

The best way to keep those slim can beverages cool this summer. BrüMate‎ can coolers are triple-insulated and made from stainless steel. Your last sip will be as cold as your first. Also: The BruMate Hopsulator Slim is the first can cooler made for 12oz slim cans popular with light beer and hard seltzer brands.


Plover Robes

A Plover Robe ain’t your mom’s old bathrobe. It’s the world’s very first leisure robe.

Plover makes buttery soft robes with performance fabric that adapts to any environment. It’s a great fitting garment that keeps you as cool and dry on a hot day at the beach, as well as warm on a cool night while camping. These are adventure robes, for comfort and relaxation around the house or on the go.



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