Take 25% Off VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder—The Perfect Gift For The Outdoor Enthusiast

VSSL Java Grinder

VSSL makes premium outdoor gear that looks as good as it works. This fact is no secret, just take one look at their products and you’ll understand the design effort that’s behind all of VSSL’s gear.

The VSSL JAVA Coffee Grinder

One of VSSL’s top products is their JAVA Coffee Grinder. It’s the perfect gift for those who love camping and hiking.

The JAVA Coffee Grinder comes with a specially designed Clip and Flip lever that serves as a carrying handle and an extendable crank to churn out the best coffee grounds imaginable.

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All you have to do is pop up the top by pressing the button, load the whole beans in, close it, and start turning the lever.

Using the Adjustable Dial on VSSL JAVA

Our favorite feature is how you can change the size of your coffee grinds via the adjustable dial.

VSSL Java Grinder

Maybe you want to make a good ol’ fashioned cowboy coffee for you and the guys to sip on around the fire? You’d want to adjust the dial for coarser grounds then.

Or perhaps you’d like a strong cup of Joe in the morning before your 7-mile hike? You can turn the dial down to make finer, more-powdery grounds to get your coffee to taste stronger—almost like an espresso.

Enjoy Fresh Cups of Coffee in the Great Outdoors

The JAVA makes it so you can enjoy the freshest cup of coffee in the great outdoors. In only 60 seconds, the JAVA will produce around 20 grams of ground coffee that’s perfect to use for a single cup.

VSSL Java Grinder

Take this coffee grinder with you on all your future outdoor excursions. You’ll be surprised when you discover how much a fresh cup of coffee will upgrade your day as you get ready for a long day’s hike.

Right now you can get 25% off the JAVA thanks to VSSL’s Black Friday sale. All you have to do is add to cart and the discount will be applied at checkout.

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