Flaunt Your Beard And Show-Off Some Talent For A Chance To Win $20,000

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It’s undebatable that one of the best parts about being a guy is growing a beard. Doesn’t matter if it’s summer. Doesn’t matter if it’s fall. It doesn’t matter if it gets a little too shaggy during the winter. Because when it comes to growing a beard, it’s all up to you on how you want it to look.

Now imagine being rewarded for having a killer beard and pairing it with some of your own talents! Well, that world exists, guys, because Wahl is kicking off its ‘Most Talented Beard in America’ contest, giving you an opportunity to win some incredible prizes and BIG money for placing in the top-3, including….

The grand prize of $20,000 and the title of Wahl Man of the Year.


Last year’s winner

This is the second year in a row Wahl has offered the ‘Most Talented Beard in America’ contest.

Last year’s winner was Jonathan Brannan from Ocean Springs, Mississippi – a bearded “do-it-all” dad who prides himself on being able to carry a tune and drop a dad joke.

Jonathan-Brannan, via Wahl

Not only did Jonathan earn some serious beard bragging rights with the title of “Wahl Man of the Year,” his $20,000 grand prize was life changing.

“Take it from me, wear your beard loud and proud; you never know how it could pay off. I took a chance and put myself – and my beard – out there,” he explained. “In my family’s case, it was literally life changing in that it helped us complete the adoption of our son without worrying about the financial side of the process.”

How do I sign up?

So what’s it take to earn the distinction ofWahl Man of the Year”? First off, it takes more than just having some shag on your face. It takes personality. It takes charisma. It takes talent. It takes being your badass and confident self. And it takes being unafraid to show why your facial fur is the most talented, and most adventurous beard in the country.

If you’re a helluva singer and can impersonate the beautiful pipes of Steve Perry, Wahl wants to see you in action.

If you can juggle a bunch of random things all while skateboarding, you may be a top contender.

If you can pull an Oak tree from the ground and whittle it into a coffee table with your teeth, Wahl absolutely wants you.

Since your beard is part of you — as well as a trusty companion — don’t hold back on showcasing your abilities. You’ll be judged for your talent, creativity and originality, so let yourself and your beard shine.

Take a look below at details, and how to get yourself entered.

  • UPDATE: Entry has been extended! Now open until August 18, 2021 at 11:59 PM CT. 
  • Record a video of yourself displaying your talent. Just remember to keep it clean, and if it’s a song, keep it original.
  • Upload your video to a video-streaming service platform (such as YouTube or Vimeo).
  • It’s recommended that the video is no more than three minutes long.
  • Make sure your video’s horizontal.
  • The video must be your original work, and must not infringe the copyrights, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other intellectual rights of any third-party person or entity.


If this sounds like you, get you and your beard into the contest! With a number of chances to win money and Wahl gear, you don’t want to be left out. Just look at what’s at stake.



Guys, we all grow beards to show them off. But when can you actually earn money for having one that complements your talents? Right now, that’s when. So enter Wahl’s “Most Talented Beard in America” contest and enter for a chance to brag to the entire world why your facial hair is tops!

Have some fun with your beard this summer, and prove why you’re worth the $20,000 grand prize.

Entry for the Wahl Most Talented Beard in America Contest (“Contest”) begins July 7, 2021 at 12:00:01 AM Central Time (“CT”) and ends August 18, 2021 at 11:59 PM CT.



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