Costco Is Selling Whiskey And Scotch-Filled Ornaments For Your 12 Days Of Christmas Bender

Whiskey-Filled Ornaments From Costco Are The Perfect For Holidays 2020


In a perfect capper to the stressful as hell year that was 2020, Costco is now selling Christmas tree ornaments filled with Irish whiskey and scotch, and it’s actually really good booze too.

Think about just how much sense this makes.

In 2020, we had sales of alcohol spike shortly after the pandemic began.

We had grocery stores replacing salad bar items with bottles of booze.

We had delivery companies see a huge spike in demand for alcohol on election day – a day people were searching Google for “liquor stores near me” in record numbers.

So, yeah, hanging some whiskey and scotch on our Christmas trees this year seems about right.

The booze-filled ornaments were discovered by popular Instagram account Costco Empties, who shared some pictures of the display with the caption, “NEW Holiday Whisky ornament collection featuring @glenlivet_scotch_whisky @jameson_us and @chivasregal ! Each collection contains 12/ 50mL bottles of whisky in ornaments. If ever there was a year to hang whisky on your tree, I’m pretty sure 2020 is it! Just $55.99.”

Glenlivet, Jameson, and Chivas Regal fillef Christmas tree ornaments? Is there a limit on how many of these sets you can buy? I only ask because knowing how 2020 has been going, there’s no way 12 bottles will be left hanging on my tree come Christmas day unless I can buy more than one pack.

Bonus: the back of the ornament packaging also comes with a few cocktail recipes, if you’re not into just doing shots with them like you’re on a 12 days of Christmas bender.

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