25 Amazing Wrestling T-Shirts That Every Professional Wrestling Fan Needs To Own

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Each and every week on Monday Night Raw, thousands of t-shirts celebrating WWE wrestlers of both the past and present can be seen amongst the crowd. Most of the time, those shirts are often ones you’ve definitely seen before, over and over, and were probably purchased upon entry into the arena because the WWE swims in a raging river of money. Everyone knows that.

We also know that, no matter what it is, repetition gets old. And that’s exactly why I’ve put together this eclectic collection of must-have WWE t-shirts.

Enjoy the enjoyment.


Scott Hall – “Hey Yo”

Scott Hall aka Razor Ramon, or vice versa, is without a doubt one of the most beloved wresting villains of all time, and rightfully so. Thanks to his hilarious “spooky fingers” routine to the signature double finger point to his absurd “come fight me” stance, Hall has has been etched in our minds until the end of time. But none of those things stick out quite like the simple, yet endlessly eloquent “Hey Yo.”

That memorable saying to go along with Hall’s many cartoonish characteristics, including the greasy hair curl dangling down the center of his forehead, makes for the best t-shirt of “The Bady Guy” I’ve come across. And that’s because the designer went the likeness route rather than choosing to incorporate an actual photo of Hall, like this. That approach rarely, if ever, works.

Now, to refresh your memory, I’m happy to say that some shining soul took the time to put together a delightful compilation of “Hey Yo’s” featuring a well orchestrated, dramatically delayed “Hey Yo” at the 21-second mark.


The Rock – “Rock and Roll”

Somehow, someway the number of great Rock t-shirts available for sale out there are severely lacking. Unless you’re satisfied with enormous white copy on a black shirt that says ‘JUST BRING IT‘ or ‘TEAM BRING IT’, you might find yourselves a little disappointed. Because there’s nothing new or interesting about that, nor is a graphic of a Brahma Bull. But there are some great ones, like this:

Simple, effective, and more importantly an awesome departure from the typical stuff we’ve become so accustomed to. Still, it’s a little perplexing to know that after all the exercise The Rock put his talented, lively right eyebrow through, these mediocre shirts are the only ones available that even remotely remotely pay homage to it? That ain’t right.

Get to work, WWE Store. And make it snappy.


Macho Man Randy Savage – “Cream Of The Crop”

Does everyone remember Randy Savage’s legendary interview with Mean Gene where he used multiple coffee creamers to convey the all-important message that he was, in fact, the cream of the crop? Even if you do, let’s dive into a quick refresher in an effort to properly introduce this divine t-shirt.

Any interview that began with Savage proclaiming that “nothing means nothing” was destined to be a timeless gem. And yes sir, Randy arrived to this meaningful chat equipped with multiple coffee creamers to visually drive home the fact that he was the cream of the crop. It just so happened that he was right.

The only sad part is that there’s no behind-the-scenes footage of Savage pitching the inventive creamer concept to Vince McMahon.

Since it is the widely beloved Mach Man we’re discussing — there’s a good chance your dad is even a Savage fan — I feel the need to make two t-shirt suggestions, especially since the following design honors his magnetic presence so uniquely.

A Randy Savage shirt featuring a Macho Man head made entirely of “Oh Yeahs”? I’ll take a dozen.


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