WWE Is Getting Into The Subscription Box Business

Between live shows and the WWE website, the company makes more money on merchandise than people realize. From hats and shirts to DVDs and action figures, wrestling memorabilia is a cash cow. So it makes sense for WWE to get into bed with a company like LootCrate and offer fans a subscription service for wrestling gear.

From a press release:

Loot Crate, the leading fan-based commerce and community platform, today in partnership with WWE, announced the WWE Slam Crate, a bi-monthly mystery subscription crate to deliver exclusive products and content that surprises and delights fans. Each crate will feature authentic items including WWE apparel, and other collectibles that won’t be found anywhere else.

To celebrate the crate’s debut, the first month’s theme will be “The First”, and celebrate a few of the iconic “firsts” in WWE history.

Oh, “firsts” does sound interesting. Perhaps they’ll send all wrestling fans their first girlfriend. (I’m a wrestling fan, calm down)

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