I Might Carry This Portable Air Conditioner With Me Everywhere I Go For The Rest Of The Summer

portable air conditioner

Zero Breeze

One of the nice parts about living on the top floor of a walk-up building in the summer is that you don’t have to leave the confines of your apartment if you’re in the mood to visit the sauna.

I’m proud to say I’ve reached a point in life where I finally own an air conditioner as opposed to relying on four different fans strategically located around the room to keep me cool.

Unfortunately, the air conditioner in question only fits in the window that’s directly next to my couch, which means I spent more time wearing a sweatshirt in the month of July than anyone in the Northern Hemisphere should.

Thanks to the gig economy, it’s theoretically possible to spend the entire summer chilling inside, but it’s normally not recommended.

As a result, you normally need a super-long extension cord and some phenomenal upper body strength if you want to take the AC with you. Thankfully, someone has figured out a slightly more practical solution.

If you’re the kind of person who will cancel plans because you looked at your phone and saw “Feels like 102°” then you might be able to find a solution in the form of the Zero Breeze, the world’s first portable air conditioner.

portable air conditioner

Zero Breeze

If you’re looking for the ultimate outdoor accessory for the summer you’re not going to find many things that top this.

The Zero Breeze is an 1100 BTU air conditioner capable of cooling you down in situations where a normal unit can’t. It can also do things a normal AC can’t, like charge your phone, play music via Bluetooth, or illuminate your surroundings.

portable air conditioner

Zero Breeze

When combined with an optional power bank, the machine can run up to five hours straight without the need for a cord.

You can check out the Zero Breeze website if you’re looking for more info or want to make one of the smartest investments you can when it comes to dealing with hot weather.


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