9 Female Pop Singers and the Power Animals That Represent Them

A power animal is the spirit of an animal that represents a person, and it can say a lot about someone. I have decided to use my unusual knowledge of pop singers and power animal placing to make this list. Maybe you’ll find your power animal along the way. Here are nice female pop singers and the power animals that represent them.

Selena Gomez – A Duckling

I know she’s almost 22, but there’s something so cute and youthful about Selena Gomez that makes the duckling a perfect fit as her power animal. To further my argument, she was also on the Disney Channel, and is somehow always associated with Justin Bieber, who will forever be a 16-year-old boy. If her career begins to take a spring break, that cute duckling look of hers will make for a perfect decoy aimed at would be child molesters on the new show “To Catch a Predator With Celebrities.”

Miley Cyrus – Giraffe

This one is a no-brainer really.The strongest similarity between the giraffe and Miley is that a giraffe sticks its tongue out for vegetation just like Miley sticks hers out for attention. Another more subtle similarity you may not have picked up on however is that whether it’s for the fame, or from the sheer size, they both have a way of always getting in front of the camera.

Rihanna – The Honey Badger

Like the honey badger, Rihanna can take a lick and keep on ticking, and she definitely don’t care. She could have any guy she wants, and she still seems to come back to the guy that punched her in the face. Similarly, the honey badger could eat a ton of different animals, but often hunts venomous snakes and gets stung repeatedly by bees while going after bee larvae. But the honey badger don’t care and as Rihanna says, “That’s alright because I like the way it hurts.”

Lady Gaga – A platypus

Besides Lady Gaga, the platypus is the most outrageous and complex animal of the animal kingdom. They’re both pretty weird, but we seem to like them for the most part. The platypus is duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed, and is one of the only mammals that lays eggs instead of giving birth. Fitting that Lady Gaga has hatched out of an egg on stage, and it honestly wouldn’t surprise me at this point if she claimed she could give birth by laying eggs.

Ariana Grande – A Dolphin

Ariana Grande’s power animal is the dolphin because she often collaborates with someone to really excel: much like dolphins use teamwork while hunting. Also, like the line from Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” dolphins would have “one less problem without us” as they wouldn’t be living in constant fear of being hunted (by creepy dudes) and choking on our garbage (like tweets from teenagers).

Iggy Azelea – The Little Penguin

Like I-G-G-Y, the little penguin is native to Australia Also, if there’s one thing we know about Iggy, besides how she spells her first name, it’s that she’s fancy. We also all know that penguins were the blueprint for the modern day tuxedo, which is probably the fanciest piece of clothing that exists. This is why the penguin is perfect for Iggy. They also have a pretty large tail compared to their body if you know what I mean, and Iggy can definitely work, work, work, work, work that tail feather.

Beyoncé – A Lion

The most fitting power animal for Beyoncé is the lion. It’s mainly based on the way she prowls the stage and her alter ego stage name, “Sasha Fierce.” Lions are incredibly fierce, and the name “Sasha” sounds like a combination of all the lion names from The Lion King rolled into one. Also she is a very proud and independent woman which would be perfect for living the life of a lion at “Pride Rock.”

– Everything the light touches is your kingdom Sasha.

–What about the elevator with my sister and my husband Jay?

– You must never go there.

Katy Perry – Tiger

Katy Perry’s song “Roar” pretty much locked in the tiger as her power animal. In the song she belts out lines like, “I’ve got the eye of the tiger” and “you’re gonna hear me roar.” Also, like the tiger, a performer like Katy Perry is pretty much an endangered species. She’s got a great live voice, a great sense of humor, and she gave all females the privilege of having a blueprint on how to escape Russell Brand in 3D.

Taylor Swift – Deer

Much like her power animal the deer, Taylor Swift always seems slightly skittish, timid, and her cuteness often tricks people into believing she’s more intelligent than she really is. Not to mention, she constantly has that deer in the headlights look whenever she wins an award. Sorry Taylor I really wasn’t trying to “be so mean,” but Beyonce’ had the best power animal in this article of all time, of all time.

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