Amber Rose Said She’d Flash Her Boobs At Guns N’ Roses At Coachella And Technically She Kept Her Promise

When it was announced that Guns N’ Roses would be headlining Coachella, diehard fan Amber Rose said that one of her dreams in life was to flash her boobs at the band.

So this weekend when GNR hit the stage with Axl Rose (aka AC/DC’s new lead singer) on stage sitting in Dave Grohl’s throne Rose made good on her promise. Sort of.

She wore a t-shirt with her boobs printed on it. I guess that still counts, right?

[protected-iframe id=”d019fc5ad169666615d6962f3c7b3a91-97886205-92827192″ info=”” width=”640″ height=”360″]
Apparently Amber is only comfortable tweeting out photos of her boobs, but not showing them for real in front of thousands at a concert. Who would’ve guessed?

H/T The Smoking Section

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