Dave Grohl Lends His Iron Guitar Throne To Axl Rose To Use During GNR Show After He Breaks His Leg

Remember when Dave Grohl broke his leg in Sweden, but came back to finish the show while his limb was being taped up, then proceeded to rock out an entire Foo Fighters’ world tour from an iron throne of guitars? Dave’s leg has since healed, and so he was able to lend his iron guitar throne to Axl Rose, who broke his foot.

Guns N’ Roses was playing only their second show of their highly anticipated reunion tour at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, but Axl broke his right foot before the concert. Grohl lent the handicapable rock throne to the GNR frontman to use during his tour.

Rose even changed a lyric in “Patience” from “I sit here on the stairs” to “I sit here on this chair,” and even referenced the Foo Fighters frontman by saying, “I could see how you could get used to this.”

“I’d like to thank Mr. Grohl again, at least we can do is give the dude some advertising,” Rose said (6:00 mark) as he yanked the veil covering the Foo Fighters’ emblem that is on the throne.

Maybe rock band lead singers should start drinking milk on the daily?