‘American Ninja Warrior’ Star Kacy Catanzaro Looks Damn Good Working Out And In A Bikini

Kacy Catanzaro bikini

Kacy Catanzaro, Instagram

Ever since Kacy Catanzaro was jobbed out of her chance to win American Ninja Warrior I’ve been wondering what she’s been doing. So naturally, already knowing how great her Instagram account is, I figured I might find my answer there.

As it turns out it appears that Kacy Catanzaro has been spending a little time on the water (in a bikini) and, of course, more time working out. Hell, for that matter Kacy even works out when she’s ON the water.

Check it out…

Of course Catanzaro also does your more standard types of workouts, even if she is using an office chair instead of a medicine ball for her hamstring curls, because, as she says, she “like to switch it up and try new things.”

So are there any other pseudo-athletic events Catanzaro can compete it? Guess we’ll have to wait for some kind of American Ninja Warrior homecoming show to see her on TV again. Too bad.