90-Year-Old Woman On ‘America’s Got Talent’ Starts Singing, Then Drops A Sexy Strip Tease With Booby Tassels

I guess I was wrong in thinking that America’s Got Talent was just for weirdos with strange audition videos, or dudes from Long Island with incredible voices but who lack the looks to ever be famous, I never thought I’d see actual REAL talent on America’s Got Talent like this nonagenarian with booby tassels.

Why am I so skeptical? Well, for starter’s the show is MC’d/hosted by Nick Cannon, who is one of the most talentless people in all of show business. Going deeper though I just figured that there wasn’t a talented individual on AGT because we haven’t seen a single mainstream success story come out of that show like we have with The Voice and American Idol. You’d think that the show would produce at least ONE major success if it was going to keep clogging up our TVs during the Summer. Alas, you could scroll through a list of the previous 10 season’s winners and you wouldn’t recognize a single damn name.

It seems that they’ve really found something though in this 90-year-old woman who popped out dem booby tassels out of nowhere. She’s what this dumpster fire of a show needs to get normal people watching, and not just people who are so fucking bored they’ll watch grass grow. So congrats to AGT for finally finding something that works. Now if they could just get rid of Howie and Nick Cannon I might actually consider tuning in once in a blue moon.

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