Arizona State QB Manny Wilkins’ Girlfriend Looks Exactly What You’d Think The GF Of The Starting QB At ASU Would. Hot.

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Having a girlfriend in college is like going to the arcade and spending the whole time playing whack-a-mole. Ya, it’s fun for a while, but have you tried skee ball? Air hockey? Freshman sorority girls? Especially since it’s widely believed that Arizona State University has the hottest arcade in the country, I don’t know why you wouldn’t diversity your gaming portfolio. ESPECIALLY if you’re the big-swinging-dick on campus and women are likely lining up for you to play Big Fuck Hunter.

But hey, when you’ve found love, you can’t fight it. It’s admirable. Just make sure the girl treats you well, supports you, and looks like Evyn Murray.

Manny Wilkins, the redshirt sophomore QB whose had a strong start to the season, has locked down Murray, a University of Arizona alum and bonafide babe.

See for yourself.

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