‘Arrow’ Hottie Willa Holland Was In A Bikini And We Don’t Mind One Bit

Arrow is one of the best shows on television, which is saying a lot these days. One of those reasons is Willa Holland’s portrayal of Thea Queen, Arrow’s sister, on the superhero show. Granted, season three has been a bit of a slog compared to the amazing first two seasons, but it’s still a weekly staple of mine.

Besides the fact that Willa Holland’s sexy tummy seems to be allergic to any and all fabric (she is in almost every scene this year in some kind of crop top), she’s also a pretty damn fine actress. She’s also pretty damn fine to look at on a weekly basis, which doesn’t hurt things either.

However, we’ve never seen her in a bikini before on the show. Good thing she has Instagram, huh?

God bless social media.