There Is A LOT Of Rump On The ‘Babes For Trump’ Social Media Accounts

So will the following pictures courtesy of the @BabesForTrump twitter account actually aid Donald J. Trump in his pursuit of the White House? Inclination says no, but I suppose only time can tell.

Nevertheless, there’s a lot of rump going on here in the “Babes For Trump” movement. Don’t think anyone is complaining about that.

It seems #BabesForTrump also HAD an Instagram account…

babes for trump IG

BUT it was inexplicably taken down last night.

However, it does look like they’re working on getting the grASSroots campaigning back on IG, as I came across a new @Babes4Trump account that appears to be a fresh start with only one follower so far.

Maybe you bros help them out if you’re down with the cause. ‘Merica.