Beauty Who Was Body-Shamed And Dumped By Modeling Agency Strikes Back With Enticing Photos

British model Charli Howard gained quite a bit of popularity last October when she wrote a scathing letter on Facebook blasting her former modeling agency after they dumped her. Charli, who stands at 5’8″ and is a size 2, was told that she was “too big” and “out of shape” to work in the fashion industry as a model. Charli was not accepting that.

Her letter addressing body-shaming went viral and was featured in fashion giants such as Vogue and Elle.

Since then, she has been picked up by a new modeling agency, Muse NYC. Then this week, she starred in a scintillating spread in Maxim.

She tells Maxim that she thought the passionate Facebook post “ruined her chances of ever modeling again.”

“I’m now in a position where I don’t have to put unrealistic pressures on myself and can still model, which I never thought would be possible,” Charli explains.

“I wanted to celebrate how womanly and confident I felt now,” Charli says about the Maxim photoshoot. “I’m in such a happy place and at peace with my body.”

I am definitely at peace with Charli’s body as well.