Bella Hadid Forgot To Wear Underwear At The Cannes Film Festival And I’m Cool With It If You Are

by 3 years ago
bella hadid


You won’t find two hotter sisters on planet Earth than Bella and Gigi Hadid. They are intimidatingly beautiful. Like the kind of hot that if either approached me at a bar, I would probably projectile vomit all over them as a defense mechanism. Only when their faces are covered in puke would I feel attractive enough to mutter a word. ‘Sorry’ would probably be that word, before I dashed out of the bar and texted my friends ‘Bella Hadid TOTALLY wanted me.’

The 19-year-old Bella appeared at the 69th annual Cannes film festival and before I continue, I’d like to recognize that 69 also means double oral. Anyway, Bella showed some cans at Cannes, as well as displayed her never-ending legs. There are no losers in this scenario.

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