Bella Hadid Is Definitely Not Wearing A Bra Here And We’re Totally Cool With That

You know what? When I first laid eyes on SI Swimsuit model Gigi Hadid, I thought, “This is a girl who is going places.” She really had it all. And by “all” I mean that she was blow-your-socks-off gorgeous.

Little did I know that shortly after that her younger sister Bella would come along and make me think that SHE might be the one in the family that actually takes off.

Heaven knows that Bella has certainly got her older sis beat by a mile when it comes to sharing sexy photos on social media. We rarely see good pics of Gigi anymore on Instagram, but Bella? Bella has got this stuff DOWN.

Don’t get me wrong, Gigi is still the bomb, but just take a look at these new snaps and video that Bella shot below and tell me this girl hasn’t got superstar written all over her.

Since those last couple of pics were kind of meh, I thought I’d share a few more reasons why I think Bella might be the real star of her family…

Remember this dress?

How about this outfit?

This one’s pretty good too…

And just like her SI Swimsuit modeling sis, she also more than holds her own in a bikini

Note: these pics are just from the last two weeks of her Instagram account. Just the last two weeks, bros. Told you her Instagram was on point.

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