Welp, Bella Hadid Just Did Yet Another Sexy, Nipple-Revealing Photo Shoot

Much like with Rihanna and her see-through outfit yesterday, this new photo shoot of Bella Hadid is very fashion-y. Which as I stated yesterday means that it’s also going to be very weird. Weird clothes, weird poses, the full fashion thing.

But as I also said yesterday, with this being one of those fashion shoots it also means that all the normal rules and complaints about nudity are thrown out the window in the name of “art.”

What amazes me is that magazines like Playboy caught all sorts of flack, yet fashion magazines can post completely naked women, and do often, and no one seems to bat an eye. Something seems off there.

Oh well, at least with Playboy going all soft-core on us we still have the fashion magazines for photos like this, so I guess that’s good.

Of course I had to censor it, despite it being “art,” but HERE’S THE LINK so you can view the nipples that we aren’t allowed to show you here.

And here are more pics from the photo shoot, which like I said is pretty freaking weird. I mean, who wears this stuff?

Throwing these two in here too as a bonus because I am nothing if not a big fan of “art.”

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